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You can tell a lot about a man by his golf game – avid golfers and golf enthusiast(s) alike are very sophisticated, usually affluent and professional. Our Elite High Net Worth golfers represent all of the above. They are also extremely rich! Aggregated from several of the leading golf direct response sources, this list gives marketers access to a comprehensive prospecting base of golfers. Our award-winning network of publishers deliver industry trends and game info to this very affluent active group of golfers. These individuals subscribe to leading golf publications. Additionally, they are interested in a wide range of topics and products. These wealthy Americans have more expendable income to both spend and invest.

Popular Selects:

  • Age
  • Dwelling Type
  • Ethnicity
  • Gender
  • Income
  • Expendable Income
  • Investable Assets
  • Home Value
  • Marital Status
  • Investors
  • Net Worth
  • Phone

How Our Data Is Compiled:

Our data is completely direct response sourced and is managed in a cooperative environment. We incorporate multiple data feeds from more sources than any other database within this segment. Sources include golf directories, magazine publishers, online surveys, and actual purchase history. We verify our database monthly to ensure accuracy and deliverability. Our compilation team processes the entire database against the National Change of Address (NCOA) file monthly. The list is also CASS certified to ensure further accuracy.

How Our Data Is Compiled:

Our Golfers in the U.S mailing list is compiled using multiple sources including: Lifestyle Questionnaires, Memberships, Internet/On-Line Surveys, Off-line Surveys, Opt-in Email, Newsletters, Direct Response, Publications, Compiled Lists and Controlled Circulations. This responsive list of golfers and golf enthusiast is enhanced with demographic and lifestyle data from our national consumer database making it more selectable than any other golfers marketing list on the market.

Consider The Facts:

  • 90% of the golfers on this list have a net worth of more than $2MM.
  • 76% are active investors in the stock market
  • Average Income for this group exceeds $187K per year

Recommended Usage:

Elite HN Golfers are targets for high ticket items and luxury goods including: high end cars, boats, designer clothing and jewelry, investment opportunities, magazine offers, credit card, travel and much more.

  • Total Universe
  • Base Rate
  • Market Type
    B2C, U.S. Consumer
  • List Channels
    Postal, Email
  • Source
    Direct Responses, Lifestyle Questionnaires, Opt-In E-mails, Internet/On-Line
  • Output Options
    Electronic, Printed
  • Update Cycle
  • Minimum Order
    Quantity: 5,000
    Price: $325.00
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    Floor 85%
    Minimum Quantity: Inquire
    Run Charges: Flexible
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  • Commission
    A standard 20% broker/agency commission is extended to all trade partners