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How can targeted mailing lists help your business?

Identifying the right people

Why not send your marketing materials to people who are specifically in the market for what your company offers? By segmenting data through a variety of demographics and psychographics, you can get the word out to prospects who could become customers.

Spreading the word

There are many ways to make people aware of your company nowadays, but mailing and email lists are still proven to be an extremely effective way to get your name out there. With the help of direct marketing strategies, the people opening your mail are already likely to be interested in what you’re selling.

Growing your business

With the most accurate and up-to-date mailing lists on the market, success is guaranteed! By targeting the right candidates, you can boost your business’s ROI significantly.

Drive your marketing strategy
to a hole-in-one!

Our data is compiled from leading golf publications, country club & golf club memberships, mail order buyers of golf products, golf surveys, retail golf product buyers, and much more. Our golfers mailing lists give you the ability to target the best prospects for your golf marketing offers. When it comes to reaching new customers, speaking to the right prospect is essential! Whether you are you’re a golf course, country club, specialty golf retailer, golf instructor, or travel professional, reaching avid golfers directly can help you score big and find new customers.

  • Tee off

    Getting your direct marketing strategy in place is the first step in growing your business.

  • Drive

    Use your best club, and swing prospects right into your client base.

  • Score

    Turbocharge your ROI and watch your sales increase as you gain more customers.

Our most popular golfers mailing list

Golfers USA

Golfers make up one of the largest consumer spending groups in the country. These consumers spend millions of dollars each year on traveling and participating in golf tournaments, and purchase the latest golf essentials and course memberships. The Golfers USA marketing database is one of the most responsive and selectable golfing enthusiast mailing lists on the market today.

Elite High Net Worth Golfers

You can tell a lot about a person by his golf game – avid golfers and golf enthusiasts are known to be very sophisticated, affluent and professional. Our Elite High Net Worth golfers database represents wealthy consumers who find joy in golfing. Aggregated from several leading golf direct response sources, this list gives marketers access to a comprehensive prospecting base of golfers.

Sports Enthusiasts

Looking for consumers that eat, sleep, and breathe sports? We have more sports fans in our database than any of our competitors. With our Sport Enthusiasts mailing list, you can target your prospects by each type of sport, as well as over 100 various demographic, geographic and psychographic selections. This highly responsive list will deliver the results you need for your next campaign.

Access the best golf publication lists on the market

As a leading provider of golfers marketing lists, we have relationships with all the leading list managers for some of the world best golf magazines. We can negotiate and help you get access to the best lists, best prices and best service.

Golf Digest Magazine

Mountain View

Golf World Magazine

Mountain View

Golf Illustrated Magazine

Mountain View

Conde Nast Traveler Magazine

Mountain View

GolfWeek Magazine

Mountain View

GolfStyles Magazine

Mountain View

Golf Tips Magazine

Mountain View

Golfers Magazine

Mountain View

Our Most Popular Golfers List Segments

U.S Golfers

This segment includes U.S. golfers lists that are separated by lists of pro golfers/PGA members and players, and much more.

High Net worth Golfers

These affluent golfers are spending top dollar on golf course memberships, golf clubs, and more.

Golf Magazine Subscribers List

Subscribers to golf magazines can help you pinpoint your audience more closely, with a selection of a variety of publications.

Canadian Golfers

There are many golfers hailing from our northern neighbor. Access golf mailing and email lists, complete with addresses and email addresses.

Female Golfers

There are many varieties of our female golfer mailing lists and email databases. This includes both professional and non-professional female golfers.

Golf Coaches

Access mailing lists of golf coaches who train some of the best golfers throughout the U.S.

Golf Instructors

Our database of golf instructors is complete with the most accurate and up-to- date information available on the market.

Golf Course Public & Private

Reach public and private golf courses with our golf course database, the setting for golfers to perfect their sport!

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