Mailing Lists of Golfers: Here’s What You Need to Know

by Ravi

Posted on September 17, 2018

In a paperless society, the simple notion of spending dollars for marketing on printing a myriad of pieces of paper to fill mailboxes across a vast group of people seems insane to many marketers. Undeniably, our current world has been shifting dramatically toward cheaper, quicker, more efficient, and a more eco-friendly sphere of electronic communication.

Whether we like it or not, direct mail marketing is here to stay. When you’re marketing to golfers or to golf-related businesses, you will need access to highly targeted mailing lists of golfers. But, not just any golf mailing list, your list must come from a well-researched golfers mailing database. Once you have acquired a targeted list, the next step is to launch your campaign. But first, consider the following do’s and don’ts.

The Do’s

You need to do it right if you decide to go with direct mail. If not, hire a team who can launch a campaign the right way—the first time. This applies to any form of marketing, even digital marketing. So, before you second-guess the concept of launching a direct mail marketing campaign, give direct mail a chance.

In fact, direct mail can still be quite effective as a criterion in mail marketing. If it is done with intelligence, you can gain viable results. Granted, many business owners still decide to utilize a marketing strategy that is Internet-based.

Essentially, even if you feel you have well-organized and ideal mailing lists of golfers, only when you test it will you know how defined it is. In a smaller community, if you operate a business, this may not be critical. However, if you reside in a city that is medium or large, it can be significant.

The Don’ts

You don’t merely want to mail out a random postcard or direct mail collateral without planning ahead. Believe it or not, there are some marketers who are so gung-ho about promoting to their mailing lists of golfers that they fail to plan.

Planning is everything.

You not only have to make sure your message resonates with your prospects, your graphics must be visually appealing to your audience. So, it’s important to know your audience. Another thing some people forget to do is proofread their mailers. Don’t forget to this important step. Otherwise, you may be in a position of getting your direct mail piece tossed quickly into the trash receptacle due to a noticeable formatting issue, annoying typo, or a print quality that is poor overall.

You may be the one to write the copy; you want to proof it on your own. However, it’s also advisable to have colleagues and friends more inclined linguistically to look it over, not only for mistakes in punctuation and grammar, but for ease and flow in reading overall.

You want to seek opinions you can trust. Just be sure to be secure enough for constructive criticisms that may come your way. This will only help you in the long-run.

A postcard (or mailer) that is inexpensive and simple can be beneficial to any number of your prospective clients. For your direct mail campaign, the postcard should encourage and incentivize others to follow you on a platform of social media, to host online sales with coupon codes distributed through mail, with the use of QR codes for unlocking free items, or even offering added entries into some hosted contest n the website of your business.

Every one of these are effective methods which not only offer your direct mail a viable call to action, but propel your traffic to an online footprint to benefit your direct mail marketing campaign. Through the years, this will continue to boom significantly.

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