Top Marketing Strategies to Attract More Golfers

by Ravi

Posted on September 17, 2018

Converting leads into customers from a golfer mailing list can seem like an overwhelming task. But, it doesn’t have to be. Try the following tips to attract new golfers.

Sell before you launch.

Don't wait to start advertising and marketing your products and services until after it has been launched.

Start building a brand awareness campaign from day one. For the best results, drum up awareness about the benefits of using your products and services in advance. If no one knows about your product/service, there won't be a demand for it once it has launched.

Buy a good golfer mailing list.

Consider investing in good mailing lists of golfers. Make sure to only purchase a list from a reputable company that adheres to direct mail marketing best practices. A reputable mailing list company like AmeriList will provide accurate lists that are highly-targeted.

Be diverse with your advertising.

Avoid advertising on one platform, be diverse. It takes a consumer at least 7 times before they become acquainted with a brand. So, if you're only seen in the search engines, but nowhere to be found on social media, you're doing your business a disservice.

When your target audience recognizes you in the search engine results, receives an advertisement mailer, sees a sponsored ad on Facebook, a billboard ad, and receives an email from you, they will become familiar with your brand.

When you’re frequently seen by your customers in multiple places, they will think of you before your competitor. Consider launching a retargeting (or remarketing) campaign. This will help you keep your brand in front of bounced traffic after they exit your website.

Provide your golfing customers a place to review your products and services.

Whether you receive positive or negative feedback, it’s important to know what golfers are saying about your business.

When you fail to provide your customers with an opportunity to give feedback (complaints or compliments), they will assume you aren't sympathetic towards their thoughts and opinions. Some companies avoid this kind of exposure because they fear getting negative publicity.

What they fail to realize is negative feedback is an opportunity for a business to show how they are willing to turn things around. When a business addresses a complaint publicly and makes a customer feel valued, people will take notice of how the situation was handled properly.

Make sure to measure results.

If you fail to measure results, you are setting your campaign up for guaranteed failure. If you don’t have an effective method in place to track conversions and to measure your overall sales performance, there’s no way of knowing what needs improvement. Monitoring should be done all year long on a frequent basis (not annually).

Consider running multiple types of marketing campaigns in order to compare marketing channels and see which has the most promising results. Then eliminate the campaigns that aren’t performing well and continue with the ones that are working.

Need help converting more golfers into buyers or subscribers? You’ll need a solid golfer mailing list.

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